March 6th, 2014
The more I think about it, the more I realize there is nothing more artistic than to love others.
Vincent van Gogh   (via lubromir)

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March 1st, 2014


This is something I’ve been thinking about for some time based on my experiences with anxiety. These are solely my own thoughts on my experiences.

I think that this is slightly more specific to social anxiety, but I think it still fits the blanket term. 

Drawn for my sister

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February 27th, 2014
February 20th, 2014

follow for fitness motivation! 💪😏


follow for fitness motivation! 💪😏

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Life Lessons with Jenna Lyons. 


Life Lessons with Jenna Lyons. 

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February 7th, 2014


Kayden’s first time experiencing rain (x)

The cuteness!

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February 3rd, 2014
If you are silent, be silent out of love. If you speak, speak out of love.
Saint Augustine  (via thatkindofwoman)

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February 2nd, 2014
Search for the source of the `I’-thought. That is all that one has to do. The universe exists on account of the `I’-thought. If that ends there is an end to misery also. The false `I’ will end only when its source is sought.
Ramana Maharshi (via ashramof1)

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Short List of Male Celebrities that beat and/or rape women.


  • Charlie Sheen
  • Sean Connery
  • Gary Oldman
  • David Hasselhoff
  • Mel Gibson
  • Michael Fassbender
  • Nicholas Cage
  • Gary Busey
  • Bill Murray
  • Eminem
  • Alec Baldwin
  • Tommy Lee
  • Josh Brolin
  • Sean Penn
  • Woody Allen
  • Roman Polanski
  • Axl Rose
  • Sonny Bono
  • John Lennon
  • Sean Bean
  • Elvis Presley
  • Kelsey Grammar
  • Chris Brown

Who Tumblr/Internet/Society cares about when they beat/rape women:

  • Chris Brown

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Blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours shine brighter.
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January 27th, 2014